in Sound

TF2 – Dispenser Erection

I made this little diddy after about a month of splicing TF2 sounds together to the beat of snoop dogg’s, “Sexual Eruption” (or “Sensual Seduction” for the kids). Enjoy!




Spys’ sappin’ my dispenser
Spys’ sappin’ my sentry
I’m gonna blow that dumb look
Right off your stupid face

Dispenser erectin’
(no I think not)
So we can get a
Dispenser erectin
Yeah Yeah
Erectin’ a dispenser
(Idiot, no!)
Dispenser erectin
(woo-ee woo-ee)

I’m gonna lay you out
Goodnight Irene
That pyros’ a spy
Dogon Help me
Another satisfied customer
Thanks for the ride
Sentry right up ahead
That spys’ on our side

Dispenser erectin’
Dispenser erectin’
(Yeah, Yeah)
Erectin’ a dispenser
Dispenser erectin’
(woo-ee, woo-ee)
(dispenser and sentry solo)

Wooooo-hoo! Hahahahaha! Cream gravy!