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Sleeping Bags in Project Zomboid

I just couldn’t wait any longer so I made a few in blender + photoshop and put together the tileset in TileZed.

I’m not a complete inept n00b when it comes to coding, I’ve got the basics down, but after 4 hours of attempting to get my mod working, I threw in the towel.

If anyone here is capable or interested in modding sleeping bags into PZ, here are my source files (Tileset / Icons / TileZed building / Blender Files):



Feel free to use them however and wherever you wish. The two sleeping bags with spiffio on them have a drawing from the PZ artist so don’t use those if you plan on using these in any other unrelated projects.


Anyways, here is what I was trying to do:

  • Build & pack a sleeping bag as you would a tent
  • Craft a sleeping bag with:

recipe Make Sleeping Bag Kit {

RippedSheets = 10,



I was looking through the camping LUAs and tried to replicate tents but failed miserably. If anyone does manage to get these working properly in game, my hats off to you! Let me know too because I just want to have sleeping bags in PZ already!

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