DayZ Main Menu and Gameplay Concepts

I had way too much fun making this.

– Used Adobe Premiere CC, After Effects CC, Photoshop CC
– 2 days of work and filming
– RIP Chris

Intro Song –
Outro Action Song –
Outro Choir Song –
Sound Effects –
Font – Oswald

Bonus video! Some zombie interaction concepts to make encounters a little more interesting:

H1Z1 UI concept

So I thought I’d try my hand at some early UI concepts for H1Z1.

A few things worth noting:

  • This is based off of an old DayZ UI concept that I had mocked up a few months back so hopefully you can pardon the similarities
  • I wasn’t sure if the H1Z1 devs were planning on having different clothing as containers, so it could be back to the shop with this design.
  • Clothing with pockets (Jackets) would go on top of shirts. The shirts wouldn’t be containers. There could be a large selection of any of the items on the left side as part of the paid for content.
  • You could “Shoulder” a weapon that has a strap
  • Weight counter up top. Carrying too much would slow you down.
  • Wallets can only hold very small items (paper, matches, a key, etc) and contain a (lootable) ID card with maybe some basic stats of your player? Not sure what kind of info could display here. The drivers license number could contain how many times the player died? The expiration date could be the day their new character was created? Could have some fun with this.
  • Like DayZ, objects and containers in the vicinity would appear on the left while looking at your inventory
  • “Damaged” containers would have damaged slots, repairable with duct tape / sewing kit
  • You could rotate items that you are dragging around to fit them better into your containers
  • Magazines could have counter bars on the right side (colored bar)
  • The blood drop icon on clothing could indicate that there is blood on that piece of clothing that needs to be washed off. It could be your own or someone else’s blood, maybe that’s one way to find out if you’re bleeding?